Disability Rights Concert

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ADA Watch/CDRJ has partnered with Grammy Award-winning musicians and music industry leaders, producing national and local public awareness events promoting disability rights as fundamental civil and human rights. In addition to increasing public awareness of the disability rights movement, such events help fund our nonprofit coalition mission.
Presently, ADA Watch/CDRJ has partnered with Mammoth Live and Bark Media, as we engage musicians, artists, athletes and other influencers in our mission to AMPLIFY the voices of the U.S. disability rights movement. Such celebrities help advance our movement by telling their own disability stories in print and video, promoting our cause to their fanbase, and contributing performance time to our events.
This partnership has introduced us to numerous music industry professionals with major benefit concert production experience. This includes leaders of Willie Nelson’s Farm Aid benefit concerts. ADA Watch/CDRJ has and will utilize a similar model going forward, intended to both bring national attention and empower local disability organizations and our allies.
Case Study

Public Awareness Campaign Case Study:

At one of our events in the Washington, DC-area, ADA Watch/CDRJ partnered with Comcast to capture and televise our Disability Rights Concert with Grammy Award-winning artists Bruce Hornsby, Sweet Honey In the Rock and Laura Dodd. Comcast produced their “red carpet” coverage of this Disability Rights Concert, featuring interviews with the artists, with policymakers including U.S. Senator Chris Van Hollen, and leaders from the disability rights community, including Judy Heumann. 
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“Bringing in the local organizations is really important, because then festivalgoers have the touchpoint in their own community going forward," Farm Aid Communications Director Jen Fahy Fahy said. "They may meet an organization that they've never known of before, and they can have that relationship in an ongoing way. And it's great to mix in the national groups that come each year as well, because they're working in their own communities or nationally on the same issues. And making those connections among the organizations only makes their movement stronger.”

If you are a musician or other influencer, a music industry professional or disability rights leader with such contacts, please join us as we plan to produce a series of such events in the years ahead.